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Benefits of Selling Online

In todays fast and growing arena, Business and E-commerce has evolved as an emerging sector, where people have less time to spend and more to invest. Everyone desires to have a platform where things get executed on just a single click! and this is why we have come up with our pre-eminent services to increase the visibility of your business through online selling. The major benefits of selling online is that you can cater 1000 times of footfall, than what you can cater in a retail outlet or a showroom.

If you are Selling Online you can deal with Global clients, at your doorstep, wherein
1. The buyer purchases and pay for the product
2. You pack and ship & inform buyer about it
Happy Buyer
Gets Positive Feedback
Which Gets More Buyers.
The aim of the company is to provide a global platform, where sellers can create a digital market for the potential buyers, thereby saving the time and money and cutting out the hassle and letting you focus solely on your products. It is formed keeping in view the mission of Digital India Plan, a project launched by Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, to transform the country into a digitally empowered economy. Within a time span of the next coming 5 (five) years, online selling is going to become the largest platform for all the customers and buyers.

Global Reach

Showroom Open 24X7

Fast and Easy

Unlimited Customer Footfall

Save Time & Money

Your Extra Income

Everthing is White

Branding of your Company


We offer the best prominent services along with a wide range for the online selling of the products. You just give the stock and we we manage the rest. Glimpse of the services that are offered by us:


To create the accounts of the clients on online portals like , eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc..


To market the product on all social media websites, optimise listings on google, and the portal itself. We are just the perfect ones for it.


Communicating with the buyer, for shipment details, management and support, satisfcation, ratings management and customer concerns & queries.


The best in class , professional photoshooting and editing is what makes your products stand different from the others, and help it sell quickly.


For a rich listing ,we write about the product and give it the best description in maximum keywords so that it satisfies the buyer to buy the product.


Identifying the right category & to ensure the perfect readability,we provide the pre-eminent services with clear, concise & factual product descriptions for listing


To manage all the after sale conversations with the buyer, and to manage the sales returns, and handle the whole process of how much did you invest, and what did you get out of that investment.


Branding is Product Based, and Company Based. We can build and manage the whole branding process of your company, online.


This describes all the aspects of managing the stock allowing us to quickly and easily manage your entire inventory, including, the availability of stock, the quantity of stock left and sold, date and details, when and to whom the stock is sold.

We Are Hiring

Join VRA Infotech Pvt Ltd and be a part of a Team, that is working day in and out to create History in the field of Information Technology. If you are true to your words, and loyal to your job, working with us, could prove to be one of the Best Decisions of your Life. Please send in your resumes to

Web Designer

Graphic Designer

Content Writer

Andriod Developer

iOS Developer

Marketing Executive

About Us

VRA Infotech Private Limited, is a setup, with the E-commerce experts which is providing the best online selling services to help the potential sellers to sell their product. We are the only company in India which is into partnership with Ebay, selling products globally. With our in depth knowledge of Online market, we help our clients to upgrade their business through online selling and get the maximum sales from the products.

VRA Infotech Pvt Ltd currently serving 173 Clients from UK and USA to sell their products online on E-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Bonanza and lot more. We have recently got into a partnership with Snapdeal, to provide exclusive services to the sellers on snapdeal. Our team is specially trained by senior authorities of Snapdeal, to cater the different needs of a seller in the best possible manner in a clean, simple and functional way.

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Our Amazing Team

VRA Infotech Pvt Ltd Team currently has 150 people around the globe.We have a mix of talent from all the major universities of the world, who are working for us from many different locations of the world. We have the Experts who are passionate towards providing every support needed to sell online. We plan to increase our team strength to 1000 member in coming financial year.

Mrs.Manuela Brosi

Swiss & USA Partner

Mr. Akshay Singhal

Founder & CEO

Mrs. Melody Yuan

China Partner

Frequently Ask Question

During our experience in the market, we met many sellers who had many questions, and we put them here on our site along with the answers for others to know.

Why sell online ?

Ans 1.
This is the 17th year of the 21st century and if you are still not selling online, you are already too late.
I am sure someone in your family does shopping online. If you dont do it, your kids will do it, and if they don't do it, their kids will do it.
"This is the future"
"Their are Millions of Sellers, Selling products to Billions of buyers for Trillions of Dollars every year. How much are You Earning out of those?"
"And these figures above will increase every passing day, and people can't stop it."
Ans 2.
Stay Local! Act Global is the theme!!
Online selling allows you to present your product(s) to Global Clients where, you sit at your office, and cater to the Buyers in all Corners of the World.
Selling Online means, having a Digital Store, which can display your products to Potential Global Buyers, where, Buyers can come in, Check the product's Images and Descriptions, Ask any questions, Buy and pay for the product, sitting anywhere in the world and getting their purchase delivered at the convenience of their door-step.
"Now to cater clients from all parts of world, you either need to have A store in all parts of the world, which would cost you a fortune,"
"Or you can travel across the globe wherever you budget allows you and participate in the exhibitions wishing some potential clients."
"OR Simply have An Online Store that can cater to Global Customers where, with the right techniques, Customers from around the Globe, Will find Your Product & Will come to Your Store & buy it & Pay for it before you ship it."
What can be a better reason for Selling Online?
Ans 3.
Easier for Buyers to Purchase the product.
The buyers can search google for whatever they want to buy and can get it delivered to their door-step. It saves a lot of time and money for the buyers.
"If a Buyer wants to buy online, A product that you sell offline, They will buy it from someone who Sell's it Online, No Matter weather you Sell it online or not."
"But if you do Sell it Online, where they Buy, They May Buy Your Product."
Ans 4.
Huge Potential for Sellers.
Now because its easier for the Customers to Buy Online, It has huge potential for Sellers to Sell Online.
"It's just like, Being At The Right Place > At The Right Time > With The Right Preparations."

How to Sell Online ?

Selling Online is like any other traditional business. You first of all need to think what to sell? Then where to sell? Then after spending a lot of time and efforts you finally start selling it and start making profit. The only difference here is while Selling Online you don't meet people in real, so there are more chances of fraud and so there are more ways to stop them.
Being Genuine is the real Key to Success
Step 1. Find a product that you want to sell. "A product that You Can Make & Sell"
Step 2. Find a portal that allows you to sell your products there. OR Create a website."We suggest portals, because they have better footfall of repeating customers."
Step 3. Create a Seller Account and make a good profile. "Be Genuine at each and every step. You need your bank and identity details."
Step 4. Start Listing your products and add accurate info and great photos "A good listing sell, but A great listing sell faster"
Step 5. Once your product is listed, Congrats! your product is now up for Sale Globally, and anytime anyone may send you and inquiry, or may even directly purchase it.
Step 6. Do marketing for your store.
Step 7. When you have a shipment, pack and ship it.
Step 8. Be grateful to your clients, if they buy from you.
We can help you Sell Online on ebay, amazon, snapdeal, flipkart, bonanza, dwanda, etsy, myntra, etc. and even your own personal website if you want

Is it tough to sell online by myself?

Like anything else, in the beginning it may sound very tough but gradually with constant efforts towards a definite aim the things become easy, or better said, You get used to them.
Online selling is no different, infact its the next level of challenge. Anyone with basic knowledge of computers and internet can sell online using only a couple of their hours everyday, however to scale the business to a professional level you need to be trained and willing to give your full time efforts to your online business, and if you can do so, you can reach heights that no one could imagine.
However in constant changing world of technology, As the patterns, formats & algorithms keep changing very often it is highly suggested that sellers who wish to sell online on a professional level, avail Our Professional Online Selling Services so that your brand can be at par with the market of your product.
OR If you wish to Sell Online by yourself but don't know where to start from and what to do?
We offer An Easy to Learn, Step by Step, Certified Global Online Selling Training Course which has three levels that are Beginner , Advanced & Professional categories wherein we teach you A-Z of Global Online Selling.

What is a listing?

We can help you Sell Online on ebay, amazon, snapdeal, flipkart, bonanza, dwanda, etsy, myntra, etc. and even your own personal website if you want

What can we do for you?

We can do everything that your brand needs done to have the best of your online presence.
Section A. PORTALS
1. We create your selling accounts on all leading portals where your product can be sold.
2. We set up your payment methods so that your Selling account(s) Payment account(s)and Bank account is well linked and without any flaw.
3. We have a team of Professional Photographers for Professional Photography of your products.
4. We research about your product and list them on your accounts.
5. We do marketing and portal optimization for your listings.
6. We handle Customer Relationship Management, The Best in Industry.
7. When there is an order, we process the order and inform you about it. You then ship it to buyer, and we inform buyer about it.
8. When the buyer has received the product we offer them after sales support with the Motto of 100% Customer Satisfaction.
9. In case of disputes, we settle all the issues.
10. We work on behalf of sellers as their brand employees.

on ebay, amazon, snapdeal, flipkart, bonanza, dwanda, etsy, myntra, etc. and even your own personal website if you want

How can we Sell Online for you ?

Give us your digital stock, and we will take it from there. We will create your account, and start listing products, and get you sales.

What is Digital Stock ?

Photographs and the Details of the Products are known as the Digital Stock.

Can I take the Images from my Cell Phone ?

That will be a low quality Image and Good Images sell faster.

I dont have a professional photographer, How can I manage ?

For that you can avail our Photography Services.

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